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Zip File Extensions


Windows XP and Vista Users

How to extract files from a .zip file.

1. Double-click the zip file.


2. It will open up inside of a file browser like in fig. 1.2


3. Click extract all files on the upper left.


4. The compressed folders extraction wizard will open.


5. Click next.


6. Note where the files are being extracted to in the text box (fig. 1.5), click browse to specify a different location.


7. Click next.


8. Click finish.


9. Navigate to the location specified for file extraction and all files will be there unzipped.


Other Operating System Users


How to extract files from a .zip file

1. Download UnZipMe.


2. When the download is complete start the UnZipMe software and click the "Browse" button and locate your .zip file on your hard drive.


3. Click "Unzip Files".


4. When complete, click "Open Directory" to access the files in the form package.



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