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About Ready Built Forms


Ready Built Forms is one of the top online legal form providers in the construction industry. Providing quality forms is the work of the Ready Built Forms Legal Professionals. You Can Trust Ready Built Forms.

Many of these legal pitfalls could easily be averted by careful legal preparation and planning, namely through the use of legal forms.  ReadybuiltForms.com provides easy-to-use, dependable and thoroughly researched legal forms for virtually all of your legal needs, at a fraction of the ever-climbing price of hiring an attorney.   These forms provide a wide range of legal solutions, all in just a few simple clicks of the mouse.  And best of all, you can possibly avoid these potential pitfalls with the use of Readybuilt Forms. 

Construction disputes occur far too frequently. These disputes are extremely costly and in many instances could be avoided by having proper contracts, specifications, change orders and warranties. Unfortunately, the majority of subcontractors performing everyday tasks on a job fail to have a good contract/proposal form which provides specific terms and conditions. Readybuilt Forms provides a directory of contractor and subcontractor forms and packages, created by attorneys with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  

The documents contained in these packages are created specifically for subcontractors to address their respective needs on a project, and were prepared with the thought in mind to avoid costly construction disputes. If these documents were to be prepared separately by an attorney, they could cost you more than $500.  ReadyBuilt Forms offers a complete and comprehensive easy to use package of legal forms that can and will save you money. While you can purchase each of these forms separately, by purchasing a package relative to your specific needs, you could save hundreds of dollars. For example, the Cabinetry Subcontractor Packages contain the following documents: Cabinetry Subcontractor Agreement, Cabinetry Proposal Contract with Terms and Conditions, Receipt of Payment, Change Order, Collection Letter to Business, Collection Letter to Consumer, Conditional Waiver of Lien Rights, Release and Lien Waiver Final Notice Before Legal Action. 

 These forms not only safeguard contractors from legal conflicts that may arise down the road, but enable the parties to create a comprehensive plan detailing their rights and obligations at the onset of any project. Unfortunately, in this troubled economy, providers of materials and services are frequently left with unpaid invoices and legal headaches.  Attempting to get paid for products or services provided can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Don't allow the hassles of collection matters to take control. Our Collection Package was designed by attorneys to provide a variety of collection documents for both commercial and consumer matters to assist you in getting paid for the goods and services provided. Again, you can save a substantial amount of money by avoiding paying an attorney to prepare all of these forms.  Readybuilt Forms’ Collection Package contains the following documents: Cognovit Promissory Note, Promissory Note,  Installment Promissory Note - Balloon Affidavit of Financial Condition, Bad Check Notice, Collection Letter to Business, Collection Letter to Consumer, Demand for Payment, and Final Notice Before Legal Action.  Readybuiltforms.com also provides  a comprehensive  mechanic’s lien package. 

The Ready Built Forms Team
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